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about us

Fun Times Wageningen's story starts with a post on the locally infamous facebook group, Wageningen Student Plaza. Then writing her Bachelor thesis, Emma Holmes decided to take a break and gauge the group’s interest in stand-up comedy: performing or watching. Spurred by an overwhelmingly positive reaction by the local international Wageningen community, she promised to bring live stand-up comedy shows and to start training with whomever was interested. The latter started immediately. A select few contacted her with a genuine interest to explore the art form. This initial group included co-founder Sarah Haimes.


This group, training and exploring different forms of comedy, soon became the Wageningen Comedy Club. The shows followed swiftly and we started hosting stand-up comedy shows at the theatre de Wilde Wereld. The rest is history! Or you can at least find all the events on Facebook.


Our passion for entertainment and seeing the need for English spoken cultural events in Wageningen has led us to develop other concepts. These have included in the past storytelling nights, science slams, halloween specials, poetry slams, and more. We are always looking for new projects and collaborations to make special events from.


Emma and Sarah continue to host events in Wageningen with the help of a group of supportive volunteers. If you are interested in helping out you can always approach us after a show or drop us a message on our socials.

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Emma's Comedy Nights

These are stand-up comedy nights with a selection of comedians from the Netherlands and abroad. Come for an evening of laughter. We think the host is funny too.


Wageningen Comedy Club
& Champagne Bingo

These are improvised comedy nights with the Wageningen Comedy Club’s performing troupe, Champagne Bingo. Keep an eye out for some of their special concepts: Dungeons and Dragons, the Murder Mystery, and more! Find out more about WCC here.


Wageningen Storytelling Nights

If you haven’t been to a storytelling night, ours or otherwise, then we recommend you try it at least once. The stories told on these evenings are true and candid. We feel they fortify our social fabric and hearing a story told bravely on stage helps us remember we are all living different yet similar experiences. We also sometimes like to have fun with the themes, so watch out for the true dating story nights like Netflix and Chill, Dirty Dating, or one fiction night, Myths and Legends.


Halloween Specials

The improv troupe from the Wageningen Comedy Club and local storytellers combine forces for a suspenseful night of scary stories. We tend to throw a haunted maze in the mix, because why not?


Science Slams

We are in the Dutch City of Life Sciences, how could we not have a science slam? Researchers, scientist, PhDs, Master students and anyone in the knowledge industry to come share their research. Just one caveat: no powerpoint slides. They have to get artsy and in touch with their creative side.

How do they win a slam? The audience decides!

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This started as a collaboration with Donatella Gasparro, two-time finalist of the national Italian poetry slam championship Lega Italian Poetry Slam and WUR alumni. In these shows, the poets shared a set of poems and the audience voted for their favourite.


Donatella was twice a finalist in the national Italian poetry slam champtionship from LIPS – Lega Italiana Poetry Slam

Our Shows

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