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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Until what time can I buy tickets online?
    Tickets sales close 1 HR before the doors open. Online tickets are cheaper, so we highly recommend those!
  • Can I buy tickets at the door?
    Short answer: YES! To ensure you have a seat we highly encourage you to purchase your tickets online which is why they are cheaper online vs. at the door. We will also have a limited number of tickets for door sale. This means if you want to be sure to get a ticket, get it online because we cannot guarantee there will be any left. You can have a look at all our tickets here.
  • Where is the Theater de Wilde Wereld?
    Burgtstraat 1, 6701 DA Wageningen It is the alleyway between Diels restaurant and the Vinyl records shop.
  • What time should I arrive before the show?
    Doors open at 19:40
  • How can I get the student discount?
    When purchasing a ticket through the eventix webshop you can just purchase a student ticket. Remember to bring both, your Student ID and your enrollment card, if not you will be charged the difference for a full ticket.
  • I need to get in touch with a real human being for this!
    Email us here or send us a message via FB or Instagram. Emma and Sarah are pretty fabulous with answering back (mostly Emma).
  • I bought a ticket to a show that got cancelled. Will I be refunded?
    We are sorry the show got cancelled, these are uncertain times. As soon as we cancel an event we ensure our ticket service, Eventix, is instructed to do the refund. It takes between 17-30 days. You will receive an email from eventix giving you the option to donate part or all of your ticket if you so wish (your generosity is always appreciated!). The option for donating is available up to a week after the expected date of the event. After that you can expect your money to be refunded within 2 weeks. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us an email at
  • I bought a ticket but I can't come to your show can I get a refund?
    Oh no! That is sad news! Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds on the tickets unless we get another catastrophe. (Let's hope not! We are done with this pandemic!)
  • What is your Corona testing protocol?
    We follow the protocol of the Dutch government. No QR Codes necessary. >> Let's hope we don't need to go into lockdown again!<<
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