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Summer Workshop Season is Open!

*sigh* It's true - show season is officially closed. Like all good Wageningen things it will return along with the people, the bad weather and the start of the new academic year in August/September. BUT, this does not mean that fun times need to stop through the summer - no, no, no! It's time to start furthering your skills, it's workshop time.

Our workshops are usually one day or one evening affairs. By joining one you’ll be kickstarting the new academic year with some excellent soft-skills AND each of the workshops is designed so we can work together to learn about the skill but also to work on your own individual goals while we’re at it. Limited spaces are available because I believe in small tight-nit workshop groups and, yes, it is I (Emma) who will be training you.

At each of the workshops you will get a chance to see the theory behind the art form, examples of how it works, write, perform and receive helpful feedback on your own piece, all within the safety of a friendly workshop environment.

So, what’s on offer this summer? Hereby a list of our upcoming workshops.

**Keep in mind there is a really hefty discount for students when you enter code: StudentDiscount**


Saturday July 23rd

10:00-16:00 (max)

An introduction to true storytelling

Great for improving presentation skills, for tackling stage fright and for making yourself the most interesting person at the dinner table! Learn how to share a story in a concise, entertaining way that will keep everyone watching on tenterhooks.


Sunday August 14th

10:00-16:00 (max)

Starting out in stand-up comedy

Find out what makes people giggle, how to make your writing/presenting/talking more humorous and also learn about getting started as a stand-up comic here in the NL. We’ll talk about style, character, the theory of laughter, performance, delivery, joke writing and much more in this full day workshop. You’ll get mini-pockets of time to rip the band-aid off by writing and performing little pieces throughout the day and I’ll even talk you through how to get into the performing scene.


Wednesday August 17th


A crash course in creativity

Let’s be honest, most of us are scientists and most of us don’t consider ourselves to be very creative. Creativity is really a muscle that you train and I’m going to help you find ways of becoming more creative both in the short and long term. We’ll see how restrictions are actually the creative minds best friends and how games and play can help you take any topic and see it in a whole new light.


All tickets are available HERE.

**Keep in mind there is a really hefty discount for students when you enter code: StudentDiscount**

What are you waiting for? Come and hang out with us for a day and let’s become epic performers together!

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